Below are some contacts and resources to help you in your sustainable design search. Included are some builders and engineers I feel are worth talking to.

resource groups in the Pacific Northwest:  Cascadia Green Building Council - This has many links to groups in the NW.  Eco Building Guild - Many builders and specialists here  Retail sales of environenmental building products - fun shopping

 contractors in the Portland Oregon area that I have experience with:  A talented developer and builder who is not afraid of the unconventional

Shawn D Stevens - CCB 131487 - New Castle Remodeling   A true craftsman builder with green cred. - CCB 173074 -SQ FT Construction   A builder with years of experience in commercial structures

 structural engineers:   Ryan Nedwicke, PE  Excellent residential and light commercial specialist   Tim Wolden, Principal - a creative engineer who does large and small and has done straw bale work

crafts people:   Randy Haislip - woodcrafter musical insturments - wood art

enjoyable books:

A Pattern Language - Christopher Alexander

The Natural House Book - David Pearson

The Straw Bale House - Steen, Steen, and Bainbridge

Design Outlaws on the Ecological Frontier - Chris Zelov

favorite designers:

Antonio Gaudi

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Frank Lloyd Wright

Christopher Alexander

E. Faye Jones

Antoine Predock

Pietro Beluschi

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